How I Made a Raised Garden Bed From a Trash Can

Even though I have plenty of garden space for growing vegetables, I prefer growing salad veggies such as lettuce, green onions, globe carrots, and radishes in containers. Container gardening these food crops keeps them clean and out of the reach of my pets; it also brings the veggies to a nice height for cultivating and […]

Tips for Roof Top Vegetable Gardening

Is your yard space maxed out with food crops? One additional place that few people ever think about putting into gardening beds is the roof top of a house. Roof tops are ideal locations for raising sprawling or vining vegetables that need plenty of room, such as cucumbers, squashes, pole beans, and pumpkins. If you […]

How to Maximize Your Garden in a Minimum of Space

One of the ways to stretch that ever shrinking grocery budget is by raising a few vegetables in the yard. A home vegetable garden can provide a family with “in season” fresh vegetables, which are both healthier and superior to anything that can be purchased at the grocery store. For families short on gardening space, […]

Vertical Gardening Guide: How to Make a Garden Barrel

Vertical gardening offers the ability to grow a significant amount of produce in a small space. While such container gardens are ideal for urban and suburban dwellers, they are useful for rural folks, as well. Vertical garden barrels take up little space and can grow approximately 50 plants. Maximizing the growing area will not only […]